Day 10: In which i finally figure out the dratted email, finish some data input, and generally ramble.


I am mooning you!

I will be the first to admit that I am rubbish at keeping up with this blogging thing, and part of it at this point is this blog is public, and there are things that are no ones business but mine. For those, I would probably be best served to write a pile of no-send letters, then burn them. Have you ever heard of a “No-send letter”? It is basically spilling your guts, all you have to say, everything you are feeling (predominantly negative feelings) onto a piece of paper, and never sending it to the addressee.

I am neither religious, nor spiritual, but I find something cathartic in telling someone exactly what they can do, what they can do it with, where they can stick it, and where they can go when they have finished that insertion. After I am done telling them that, instead of leaving my toxic rage on a piece of paper that can be accidentally read by anyone, I tend to go outside and (safely) burn the letter, let the atoms go back out into the Universe, and hopefully provide nutrients for something that needs it. Positive out of negative, right?

I have finished inputting a lot of data for my thesis, still a handful to go, then it’s on to data analysis, map making, writing, and a ton of back and forth with my thesis advisor. I am bummed that I am not still on campus to do my revisions, because honestly, sussing out the info, what I am writing, and general conversation with my advisor was one of the highlights of my days. Talking about birds, their behavior, their habitats, politics, theories, jokes, and general conversation was always a hoot. Even better at all of the aforementioned was my lab mate, especially since he had a better feel for the pulse of politics than I, and was studying a different subject for his dissertation. I really miss the banter, and his assistance when I felt out of my depth, which was an awful lot!

The highlight of my day today: I finally figured out my email for this site, so if you want to tell me what a loon I am, you can now do that!

I am currently listening to the soundtrack from Gladiator, as it has no lyrics (for the most part) for me to get lost in while working, just a good, full, rich sound that makes my fingers go. I love music, all genres, and I love that a song can evoke a memory for me, some stronger than others!

I am assiduously avoiding news right now, because I know I am going to lose my ever-loving mind when Ms. DeVos is confirmed, despite the nation begging their Republican congresscretins for weeks to not do so. *sigh*

Nope, nope, not getting dragged down into the quagmire of politics, because doing so severely tests my resolve to abstain from weekday tequila shots for lunch.

On a lighter note, how about an odd list of some of my favorite things, in no particular order?

  • Hubs
  • Thing 1 (offspring)
  • Thing 2 (offspring)
  • Nutella lattes
  • Upcoming trip to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Birds
  • Wine
  • Music
  • Maine
  • Fleece sheets
  • Watching the sun set over the trees in the yard
  • Driving with the windows down and the sunroof open (when I have one) on a warm summer day
  • The ocean
  • The quiet place in my mind where I work out life’s issues
  • Snuggles from Hubs, Thing 1, and Thing 2
  • That Things 1 & 2 still want hugs and kisses from Mom and Dad
  • Egyptian mythology
  • Documentaries (much to the chagrin of my family)
  • Sunshine
  • Plants
  • Cooking

And that will about do. DeVos was confirmed, and I am angry, so it is time to go listen to Drowning Pool.





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