Day 11: I am still alive, and I have so much to say!


The newest member of the Maineiac Family: Chester the Chinchilla (Chinchilla lanigera).

Know what happens when I leave the state, and my family, alone for five days? They get more than two feet of snow, have no school, and I wind up road tripping 560 miles home with a chinchilla.

It is times like this when you stop, take stock of your life and ask yourself: what choices have I made that have led me to this juncture? And the answer is, inevitably, really awesome ones!

Some backstory on the whole event:

My best friend in the whole world is hubs, and after that, I have a cadre of folks that I would trust both mine, and my children’s lives to. One of those that is at the top of that list is The Doctor. I met her when I was an undergrad and she was my TA, then I was lucky enough to be her SA for a semester, and we realized we really hit it off.  Lots in common, since we are both in the same academic field, and with the same basic background for our graduate degrees. Add in the fact that she is an awesome person, and you have a recipe for a great friend. This friendship has grown stronger over five years, and now, thousands of miles.

A few months back, she called to inform me that her most favorite band of all time was coming to her area, and that I had to come with her to see them. The band in question? The Red Hot Chili Peppers. *swoon* I have liked them since my boyfriend in freshman year of high school introduced me to their music, so this was a treat and a half! Add in time with The Doctor, and it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

I will go on a tangent here for a minute and note that it is darned near impossible to fly into or out of Maine in the wintertime, and that includes both Portland and Bangor. Something about our silly weather, and the Northeast not being a high demand winter vacation destination means it’s a good idea to have a backup plan with a backup plan to get where you are going from November to April.

Anyhow, keeping that in mind, I purchased a one-way ticket out of Bangor with three days lead time to get to where I needed to be for the concert. Good thing, too, because my initial flight was cancelled, then the next flight was cancelled, and I was finally rescheduled onto a flight the day after. I made in to my destination easy-peasy, but as I was taxiing out of Bangor (which resembled a frozen tundra), I realized I was not going to make my connection. Also unfortunately, The Doctor’s cell phone croaked. Somehow, through the wizardry of the internet, I managed to convey to her that I would be coming into a different airport, which was no big deal because it was the same distance as my original arrival airport, just in the opposite direction.

I made it in safe and sound, and an hour earlier than I would have had I gone on to my connecting flight, and the fun began. Great chats, I got to meet The Doctor’s new puppy, who is insanely adorable, get a pile of year birds, learn some new songs, and about some artists new to me.

I will come back later and do a day breakdown, including some thoughts I had along the way. This trip was good for me mentally, and physically. I think on a day to day basis, we forget the constant grist stone that rubs down our souls, and a break from the everyday to reconnect with someone that can help lighten the load in new ways is a must.

I think that was the overarching thought I had whilst away: as individuals, we are hard on ourselves, we beat ourselves up, we shoulder the weight of the world, and it becomes something we no longer realize we are doing until we aren’t doing it anymore and our shoulders relax, our blood pressure decreases, and we no longer have transient chest pains.

I will get to the road tripping chinchilla soon, I promise…


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