I am a stay-at-home mom and grad student, working to finish my Master’s Thesis in Biology remotely. The family and I recently relocated from Indiana to Maine, and while I am supposed to be working, I find myself exploring, learning, and trying to carve out a new niche for myself here in the Pine Tree State, also known as “Vacationland” – hey, it says it right on the license plates!

I consider myself a squirrel with poor math ability, but a thirst for knowledge, and a general quest to “know”. I have a really goofy sense of humor, somehow sarcastic, inappropriate, wry, and I laugh when I am uncomfortable. Or I cry. There really is no middle ground.

Birds are a passionate hobby of mine, and the growth of the reintroduced population of Trumpeter Swans in the Upper Mississippi Flyway is ostensibly what my thesis concerns. But then I see a Peregrine Falcon. Or a Whooping Crane. Or a Mourning Dove, and off I go.

I have two amazing kids (yes, I am biased), a fantastic husband (again, biased), and a neurotic dog (not biased, she’s a mess). Once I have successfully defended my thesis, my hope is to land a job working on reintroduction and management of threatened and endangered species. That’s the dream. I will be happy working as a corporate shill if it pays the student loans, and makes at least marginal use of my degrees.

Have a question? Toss me a line: kspicer@maineiacswan.com